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Relaxation, Meditation and Stress Reduction

Sports Recovery and Fitness Recovery

Injury Recovery and Pain Management


Floatation therapy, also known as “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” (REST), “Isolation Therapy” and “Sensory Deprivation”, consists of 60-90 minutes of relaxation while floating in a FloatPod filled with 1,000 pounds of Medical Grade Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) and 180 gallons of water heated to 93 -95℉ to match the temperature of your skin. This creates a 30% salt solution, about ten (10) times more buoyant than the ocean. The amount of Epsom Salt inside the FloatPod enables your body to float effortlessly with your head and neck supported and your face comfortably above the water.

The anti-gravity environment that is created by the salt solution enables the body and mind to fully relax. During San Diego Float Therapy the spine naturally straightens and lengthens, muscle tension is reduced and the brain enters the theta brainwave state that is found during the deep sleep cycle and is linked to dreaming.

You can choose to participate in La Jolla Float Therapy treatments in total darkness for optimal relaxation and meditation or you can utilize the chromotherapy options available to experience the benefits associated with different colors of light.

The combination of low gravity, water heated to match skin temperature and complete darkness creates an environment and experience free from all distractions allowing, for complete and total relaxation during your Float Therapy session.


Float Therapy is an effective and enjoyable experience for people of all health and fitness levels.

Benefits of Float Therapy Include:

1.    Injury Recovery & Pain Management – Studies have shown a reduction in pain score in individuals with chronic pain. A 2006 study published in the International Journal of Stress Management also concluded that Float Therapy helped relieve stress-related pain, and the positive effects lasted months after the therapy.

2.     Sports Recovery and Fitness Recovery – Epsom Salts have well proven healing effects such as removal of toxins and lactic acid from muscles which shortens recovery time allowing you to return to whatever activity or sport you love at your best. The weightless environment allows the muscles and joints to relax increasing blood flow and circulation. Increasing circulation in the body has a number of benefits including facilitating faster muscle and tissue repair.

3.     Relaxation, Meditation and Stress Reduction – A 2014 study showed that “​Stress, depression, anxiety, and worst pain were significantly decreased whereas optimism and sleep quality significantly increased.”3 ​During your Float Therapy session, you are in an environment free from distractions allowing you to completely focus on your thoughts, breathing, meditation and relaxation. The decrease in sensory input experienced during your Float Therapy session slows brain waves until they reach the theta state, similar to what the brain experiences during meditation or deep sleep.

4.     Creativity – Writer’s block? Need a fresh angle on a business deal? New marketing & branding campaign? Big trial coming up? Tax season? Research has shown that Float Therapy sessions may aid in increasing creativity. Your Float session is a great place to brainstorm free of interruptions and distractions.


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Float Therapy Process

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your first appointment in order to fill out the required paperwork. When you have completed the intake form and waivers, a LIVKRAFT team member will check you in and walk you back to one of our Float Suites once the room is available and prepared for your treatment. Once you enter the suite feel free to lock the door for privacy (we have constant communication through our integrated intercom system when you are in the FloatPod and the ability to enter the room in case of an emergency). In the room you will find a shower, 2 towels, earplugs and Vaseline. Goggles are available upon request. Please follow these steps once you have undressed:

1.     Quickly rinse off with a warm shower. Be sure to dry your feet and use caution walking around the room after your shower.
2.     Cover any open wounds or cuts with Vaseline as the high concentration of salt can be very uncomfortable.
3.     Place earplugs in both ears. If you request goggles, put the goggles on prior to entering the FloatPod.
4.     Enter the FloatPod using caution.
5.     Take a few minutes to find the most comfortable position for your body. We have floating neck pillows in case of any neck discomfort. Some people experience neck discomfort during their float session if they are unable to fully relax and fail to trust that their head will remain above the water when fully committing to the Float and letting go of all muscular tension.
6.     We offer the option of experiencing guided meditation for the first 10 minutes of your treatment. If you would like this option as part of your treatment, please let a LIVKRAFT team member know prior to your treatment.
7.     Through our Intercom system we will let you know when you have 5 minutes remaining in your float and will alert you when the session has completed.
8.     Be sure NOT TO TOUCH YOUR EYES at any time during the treatment or before you shower after the treatment. THE SALT WILL CAUSE SIGNIFICANT IRRITATION. If salt does get in your eye at any time exit the FloatPod and use the shower to rinse your eyes immediately.
9.     Once your float session is completed, enjoy a shower, dry off, get dressed and check out at the front desk with a LIVKRAFT team member.
10. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Our FloatPod units comply with stringent health and safety regulations. The water in each FloatPod consists of about 1,000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt—a solution which is inherently sterile. After each float, and anytime the FloatPod is not in use, our state of the art purification system purifies the water. Between each session, every FloatPod’s water is completely purified 4 times with a 5-micron filter and both Ozone and UV Light technology to purify and disinfect the water. Read more about the benefits of Ozone and UV as purifiers, here.




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