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Infrared Sauna @ LIVKRAFT

Experience the ultimate sweat in La Jolla with Livkraft’s full-spectrum infrared saunas. While traditional sauna’s heat the air, our saunas use infrared to directly heat our bodies. Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum with the ability to penetrate human tissue. Sunlighten’s Solocarbon infrared technology works to raise the core body temperature to produce a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where the majority of toxins reside.

Why use an Infrared Sauna?

Our Infrared Saunas in La Jolla, are potentially seven times more effective at detoxification than traditional saunas, releasing 20% toxins and 80% water during each sweat, compared to 3% toxins and 97% water in traditional saunas. Sunlighten’s Solocarbon technology has proven 95-99% efficient at heating the body directly, standing alone as the only heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

Our full-spectrum infrared light emits three wavelengths: near, mid, and far.

Near Infrared (NIR)
Near-infrared wavelengths are the shortest, penetrating the surface of the skin. Near-infrared is beneficial for skin issues and shallow body pain, promoting skin rejuvenation, tissue growth, and wound healing.

Mid-Infrared (MIR)
Mid infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue, targeting the muscles, joints and tendons. Mid-infrared waves help to increase circulation and blood flow, reducing muscle and joint pain.

Far infrared wavelengths (FIR)
Far-infrared waves are the longest wavelength, penetrating deep into the body where toxins reside. Far infrared waves work to raise the core temperature and heart rate, resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification, producing a cleansing sweat

Infrared Sauna Process

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your first appointment in order to fill out the required paperwork. When you have completed the intake form and waivers, a LIVKRAFT team member will check you in and escort you back to one of our two pristine & private Infrared Sauna suites. We have smaller two (2) person Sauna and a larger four (4) person. Your team member will walk you through the Infrared Sauna controls on the built in 10.4 inch table and volume controls.

Once inside your Infrared Sauna La Jolla suite you will find one (1) shower towel and one (1) face towel and one (1) towel already draped across the Infrared Sauna bench for your comfort.

Prior to entering the sauna, dress down to your comfort level. YourInfrared Sauna La Jolla session will be most effective when the skin is fully exposed. Once inside you have total control of your Infrared Sauna session.

There are (7) different program options to choose from including:

  • Detoxification.​ 37 min. Mid and Far starts at a high intensity to increases the body’s core temperature then reduces to a low, comfortable intensity level. IR combination improves vascular access flow to reach toxins at the cellular level.
  • Relaxation. ​40 min. Near, Mid and Far infrared rays induce deep relaxation as they relieve muscle tension at a low, comfortable intensity promoting overall stress reduction with regular use.
  • Anti-aging​. 30 min. Near and Far A low, constant intensity level penetrates tissue to help with various skin concerns. Near infrared LEDs improve overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness promoting anti-aging benefits.
  • Cardiovascular.​ 45 min. Near, Mid and Far starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and cardiac output then lowers to sustain heart rate level. Circulation increases to promote healthy blood pressure.
  • Weight loss.​ 30 min. Mid and Far starts at a high intensity to stimulate the cardiovascular system then reduces to a medium level. As the body works to cool itself, there is an increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate similar to exercise.
  • Pain Relief.​ 30 min. Near, Mid and Far. An IR blend provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling while near IR LEDs penetrate the tissue to promote cellular repair at a medium, constant intensity level.

Once you choose your program or start your manual session you will be able to access apps such as Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Calm or Headspace (and others) to make your Infrared Sauna session more enjoyable. Of course, you can choose to turn down the lights, turn off the screen and fully disconnect.

At the conclusion of your session we recommend rinsing off in the private shower found inside your Infrared Sauna suite. After that, dry off and enjoy the rest of the day!




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