benefits of PEMF

May Improve Brain Function and Focus

May Aid in Relaxation and Sleep

May Maximize Bone and Joint Health

May Support immune system

May Relax Muscles

May Support Nervous System

May Support Healthy Joint and Cartilage


PEMF, or a pulsed electromagnetic field, is an energy course that aids the body repair, regenerate, rebuild, and improve wellness naturally by enhancing the functionality of cells.PEMF allows you to quickly bring cells back into electrical balance by increasing nutrient circulation and oxygen availability. This process is called “Cellular Exercise”. Cellular Exercise is simply exercise for your cells. When Cellular Exercise occurs an exchange takes place, the cells are stimulated to pump out waste and allow for fresh nutrients and oxygen to enter. During PEMF Cellular Exercise Toxins are expelled while fresh minerals, nutrients, and water enter the cell which stimulates optimal cellular function. This process is similar to your heart and lungs circulating more oxygen and carbon dioxide during physical exercise.


How Long is a PEMF Cellular Exercise Session?

PEMF cellular exercise sessions @ Livkraft are 30 minutes long and consist of a
10 Minute – PEMF Cellular “Warm Up”
10 Minute – PEMF Cellular “Exercise” or “Spot Treatment
10 Minute – PEMF Cellular Cool Down

What should I expect to feel during my PEMF Cellular Recharge Session?

You should expect to feel a gentle and soothing pulsing sensation over your whole body. This sensation is most similar to a TENS unit or electric muscle stimulation unit. A number of clients report experiencing targeted pulsing sensations in specific areas of chronic and/or acute pain and discomfort.

What should I expect to feel after my PEMF Cellular Recharge Session?

Everyone responds and reacts to their PEMF Celluar exercise differently. Some clients report feeling energized while others report feeling calm and extremely relaxed. The reaction will vary according to a number of factors like overheal health, diet, activity level and hydration.

Why might someone be tired after a session?
Some clients have reported feeling tired after a cellular exercise session. This may be due to a detox reaction of your body quickly removing toxins and adapting to the PEMF session. Adequate rest and fluid intake may mitigate a detox reaction. Clients should always inform their primary doctor if a feeling of prolonged exhaustion and/ or extreme fatigue occurs.

Why might someone feel lightheaded after a session?
Cellular exercise increases the circulation of blood, oxygen, and lymph all throughout the body. After your first session or if your body isn’t used to an increase in circulation from exercise, you may feel lightheaded after a session. Proper hydration, rest, and nutrient intake may help manage a lightheaded feeling. Clients should always inform their primary care doctor if the feeling of lightheadedness occurs.

PEMF pricing

30 minute sessions


Limited to one session per customer. 


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